Standstill is backwardness, everyone who manages a company or is a managing director should have this insight. Also in eSport it is important to develop further and to keep an eye out for new possibilities. With Mifcom, Maxnomic and Esportclothing, we were able to win three strong partners, who helped us to become the team we are today. We are proud to welcome another partner who will support RYE Gaming’s card games division and assist with the planning and implementation of events. We welcome quite cordially – TRADER.

Since 1996 Trader is the leading shop for Magic & Yu-Gi-Oh! A fast fulfillment of orders and Germany’s biggest card collection results in shipping far over thousand card singles monthly. Even if you want to sell cards instead of buying them, our Single Card Purchase and the special Collection Purchase will support you on every step.

They also started Germany’s biggest monthly Magic tournament, the Trader-Liga. With attendance numbers exceeding 100 players regularly, and the biggest monthly price support, our tournaments in Dülmen have become the first address for Magic players.

As you can already guess here, RYE Gaming will soon be able to present players in Magic Arena and Hearthstone and also plan joint projects. TRADER will be a strong partner and we are looking forward to this journey together.


Statement RYE Gaming: I am happy to announce our new partnership with TRADER. They are the largest dealer and provider in the german trading-card sector and one of the most successful companies worldwide. The contact between TRADER and me started one year ago, and I was sure they would join forces in eSport, as soon as the time was right. Together with Raise You Edge Gaming and the goal to enter Magic Arena and Hearthstone, we now have a strong partner at our side to plan and organize joint projects, in the future. First plans for an upcoming event are already running. More information on that will come in the next couple of weeks. TRADER will be our exclusive partner for our gaming card area. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation!