We are proud to announce that the “Worlds Runner Up” and also “Grandmaster Player”  🇩🇪 Torben “Viper” Wahl officially plays for us and we will now officially be a part of Hearthstone as a new game for Raise Your Edge Gaming.

Give him a warm welcome! It’s time to letsCRUSH

Statement Viper: “I am pleased about joining RYE-Gaming. It feels like the cherry on top of the cake after those insane last few weeks ( Worlds Runner Up, becoming a Grandmaster). It feels like all the hard work I put into Hearthstone is getting rewarded, and all those crazy things I could dream of are becoming a reality. Especially now, after I am not only representing myself, I am going to work even harder as before and do my very best to keep improving. It feels like all the recent events make me want to become even better and do even more since I am so happy about everything that happened. I guess I am just happily looking into the future together with RYE, because next time I won´t only be Runner Up.”