Phase 1 of the PEL is over! The Kick Off Cup and Phase 2 are about to start and we are very excited. During time off there is an occasional period of reflection on what the ongoing needs for success will be. As such, with mixed emotions, we parted ways with some great guys in CupofMagic, Wan7ed and Zhnark. We truly wish them all the best for their future.
In preparations for Phase 2, we are happy announce the rebuilt team. With Fastrail we could hold our experienced IGL and bring on 3 known names.

Please welcome to the RYE Team: Men0xx and xKriss who are two strong players, last battling under the flag of Method in the Closed Qualifier in Minsk. With Ciggzy (fomerly of Team Stellar) from the Contender League, we have a great line up.

Due to the rules of PEL, in The Kick Off Cup we unfortunately cannot debut with Ciggzy. Luckily, Nemereth will stand-in for this great event. Welcome to our new look team, and stay tuned for further news!